SHOULD YOU RE-BRAND? It's true.  In today's increasingly image driven world, your brand's visual identity will undoubtedly be used by customers to make snap judgments about your brand, so it's crucial to have an eye catching and informational design that draws potential customers in.
Everyone knows logos are important but it's not all about the logo.  These days, your brand must permeate all parts of the market, from your packaging and print ads, to social media posts and campaign videos.
It's hard to take a critical look at our personal creations, but it's for your own good, we promise.  Before you decide whether to re-brand ask yourself these questions.

6.    HAS YOU…
5 SIGNS IT'S TIME TO RE-BRAND YOUR COMPANY Re branding is a perfectly common business move for major companies, and has been for many years. Most of the time, we don’t typically notice branding changes as consumers, unless they’re serious makeovers. Most are subtle transformations -- think of color changes to sports team’s logo or uniforms. It may seem like changing a logo or the font of your company’s name on business cards might not be a huge deal, but re branding can be a very serious declaration of intent, a marker of your company’s commitment to evolution and upward growth. Other times, however, re branding can represent a more substantial effort, perhaps to shift the consumers’ perception of a brand or to show a company’s progression with an evolving market. Is it time for your company to consider a re brand? Here are fivereasons it just might be the right time to re brand. WHEN YOU WANT TO SHAKE OFF AN OLD IMAGE This wasn’t quite as big of an issue in America, but for many y…
YOUR BRAND IS MORE THAN YOUR LOGOStarting a business is, well, tough business. There’s planning and strategy, turmoil and fretting, excitement and relief – simultaneously. It’s a bit like the emotional rollercoaster. The list of tasks is endlessly excessive, not to mention exhausting. Yes, business owners are constantly climbing the emotional equivalent of Everest in their plight to realise their dreams. While their task list could fill an encyclopedia, yet one request I hear all too often from enthusiastic start-up dreamers is the approach to the logo. They seem to chat about it as though it’s the clincher to launching them to infinity and beyond. The logo can often become the revered Holy Grail of the brand itself, as though that magical vector image alone will catapult them out of their dilapidated share house and into the Taj Mahal. Well, a logo is naturally of tremendous importance as a visual representation of your product or service. But, and there is a but: your logo is as usel…
COLOR PERSONALITIES AND HOW TO CHOOSE YOURSWhat’s your personality color? Here is a simple test for you: if you had to pick one favorite color what it would be? We are not talking about your clothes or paint for your living room. The question is: what color appeals to you the most? Don’t overthink this, answer this question spontaneously. It’s okay to have two or three favorite colors. Write that down; this is the key to your personality color.
While most people think that colors don’t have any impact on our choices, feelings and behaviors, a closer look into this matter proves exactly opposite. Would you paint your bedroom in yellow? Would you wear a bright green outfit to work? Most will say no, but if the above statement were true, then why not?
The issue is we all perceive colors quite differently and trying to figure out general rules is very hard. There are warm shades and cold shades to each color and you can feel differently about each version. In addition, most of us see some …
HOW TO FIND YOUR SIGNATURE BRANDYou’ve started a business! You’re prepared to share your product or service or offering with the world however how would you approach pulling in the clients or customers you’re endeavoring to bid? The first step involves building up your brands signature style or personality so you can reach and associate with your gathering of people and potential customers and do right by you to share your goods with them! What Is Your Brand’s Mission Or Core Values: Essentially the absolute entirety of why your business exists, characterizing your brand’s mission will uncover who you need to enable, what industry to would you like to target, and why are you passionate about what you bring to the table. For instance, in case you’re another bread kitchen serving without gluten items, this esteem connects with those that need this characteristic in their pastry kitchen.Who Are The People I Want As Client’s Or Customers: Characterizing your target market is essential as it…
8 PLACES TO USE OUR LOGO  You have an awesome logo and a strong brand, but how well are you using them? “Your logo should be front and center in any venue where you interact with customers,” “You’re not really branded until everybody knows your logo and associates it with you.”  Here’s our short list of design ideas to help you build your brand and your business. Apparel: Outfit staff in shirts, jackets and other clothing that features your brand colors and/or your logo. This reinforces your branding and makes it easy for customers to identify employees. It’s also smart to wear logo apparel to events and trade shows to extend your brand beyond your four walls.Business Cards: People still love to exchange business cards, so make sure you have some emblazoned with your logo, tag line and contact information. It’s better to offer even a simple card than none at all.Business Forms: It sounds obvious, but make sure your logo appears on business forms like invoices, packing slips, receipts,…
10 REASONS WHY BRANDING IS SO IMPORTANT Everything we know about products we use on a daily basis is because of it's branding.  It is what links the company to the consumer and vice versa.  Branding is a must for every small, startup business and below are 10 reasons why branding is important to your company.
Branding links your name, logo, online presence, product and services and appeal to the consumer.  Make marketing skills consistent and the content the same across all of your networking channels.  This brings a clear message to your consumers.

A Brand is an asset.  What you present to the public is a huge chunk of your business.  The worth is just as much as revenue and sales.  Branding will make the difference between revenue & sales.
Speaking of sales, branding will create sales and revenue for your business.  You will make money based on how the branding marketing strategies work out.  Customers will be tempted to test you out and your results will determine if you make…